I’m Inga. I like to consider myself a fairly active woman fueled by passion. I’m a fanatic for sport, meaningful movies, and self-help books, as well as being passionate about human psychology, which I think is the main tool for becoming the best version of ourselves. I don’t want to mislead you, so I’d like to emphasize that I’m not a psychologist, so this is merely my personal experience and things I’ve discovered.

I’ve always valued a life rich in experiences, but not always had the courage to ignore the external influence of others so I could live one. We are surrounded by people with different perspectives on life from ourselves, so sometimes the opinions of others distract us from ourselves. It takes courage to get back to focusing on yourself—as it happened and to me.

After that I had to build my self-confidence and meet my fears. But working with myself gave me the most amazing present: the realization that I’m the boss of my life and I can create it the way I wish.

About 14 years ago, accompanied by curiosity and many unanswered questions, I became interested in self-help books, which pushed me to journey inward and live a life that’s authentically me.

After graduating from business management college I worked in logistics management according to my specialty for 6 years. After such a long time working my “dream job” I realized I had completely lost my passion and felt I was no longer on the right path. But I couldn’t hear myself at that moment. So I got a job with a new company that showed up with great career opportunities—this didn’t help at all.

So finally I had to turn back to myself. This was the point that gave me a chance to break free from limiting myself, which was a huge encouragement to me, helping me to be brave and live the way I love to. I quit my job and went on a trip to nowhere. I had scattered myself, lost my passions and didn’t know what I could do in life. All I knew was that I didn’t want to live life without feeling its true taste.

The fear didn’t disappear. So I took the hand of fear and invited it into my life journey. The picture of our journey looked thus: Fear gasped at me- I looked straight at her with my puffy eyes. And so we played. She was not ready to give up, and I could no longer obey her and become even more dependent on her.

I think from that moment I began controlling my own life by taking responsibility for it—and that was the best decision of my life. It’s been a real rollercoaster ever since.

I had to find a way to build my self-confidence and meet my fears head on. But working with myself gave me the most amazing present: the realization that I’m the boss of my life and I can create it the way I wish.

Now I fell “Superjoy” had returned. I feel inspired, passionate, and ready for life. This experience opened my eyes to a more fulfilling way of living: one that feels right to me.

I’ve always been attentive to detail. I believe everything starts in the head. It's the key to all success.

In this blog, you can find inspiring movie reviews. My story told me a message and I headed it and got inspired, so I believe it can inspire you too.

This is also a place for self-development book reviews. In the blog posts I hope you discover something that will help you rediscover yourself and encourage you to have more faith in yourself and your potential. You will also find articles on the topic of success and the implementation of goals.

What I realized is that whatever your goal is—whether it’s to form a dream body or to create a business—it all starts with the head. And everyone, without exception, must undergo similar stages to achieve their goals. I will admit in the past many goals have not been achieved since I had a hard time believing I could be successful. And while I believed in that, I achieved my dreams.

If you feel you are ready to take full responsibility for your life. I’m here to help you finally believe in yourself and take the wheel of your life in your hands.