Useful resources for your goal setting, planning, and implementation. Free worksheet

I created this useful resource page to make your goal-achieving easier. There’s no way for a dream to come true without a plan. Goal setting, planning, and implementation worksheets will help you to make it happen. What’s more, it will encourage you to talk to yourself and understand why your dreams are important to you.

To make your dreams come true, you need a plan and purposeful daily work.

Here you can download editable PDF sheets for free and start working toward your dreams. I have specially created editable PDF sheets so you can always have them with you on your phone. From personal experience — it’s much more convenient than having to carry planning books with me on a regular basis.

p.s. you need to have a PDF reader app on your phone to be able to use these worksheets.

1. Stright to your goal -WORKSHEET

This worksheet for morning reflections. In this place, you will be able to read my morning think pieces and write yours. Here you will have to answer important questions for yourself. It’s the first step before making a plan for your dream come true.

2. Goal achieving plan -WORKSHEET

No matter what kind of dream you have -planning is the first step. To create a plan first, we need to figure out a clear goal. Then the next step analyzes what competencies we lack and when, how, and where we could acquire them.
And last but not least, discover where to put negative emotions so it cant not interfere.
This worksheet is your necessary step for your goal achieving journey.


To win the war, you have to win small battles every week. Small weekly goals are a purposeful move towards your big goal.

Maintaining motivation is very important in your goal-achieving journey, but I guess nobody is super motivated all the time in the long run. Everybody has break moments. Unfortunately, this is inevitable. Such moments are challenging.
It can be super helpful to find people that could inspire you.

Download free worksheets